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Default best picture P&S (under $400) in auto mode

I am looking to replace my wife's Fujifilm FinePix F10 6.3MP.
what she loves in the F10:
- battery capacity (500 pictures)
- picture quality

what she hates (and is the reason why I am replacing it)
- if you don't pay attention, the camera will focus the background instead of the subject in the foreground
- in certain conditions, the autofocus (and other auto settings) can take seconds (as in 5-6) and by the time the camera is ready to take the picture, it's too late.

I am looking for the best picture in auto mode (she will never use anything else) including low light and bright outdoors. No interest in using it for video. I prefer crisp pictures with natural colors (not bland or too pronounced).

we quickly looked at canons in best buy and she liked the SD1400 size, from the reviews I see that the SD4000 looks good. I am avoiding sony (but could be compelled to give them another chance if this is this board's recommendation).

So which camera(s) should I consider?

Also as a side question, Will we see a big difference between a SD1400 in SD4000 in picture quality? The SD400 is only 10MP vs 14MP for the SD1400, any issue there?
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