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Originally Posted by gjtoth View Post
If got a shot like that, it would be a miracle... for me. I saw the hit and it was lightning-fast. That grackle never knew what hit it. Of course, this occurred about 18-20 feet away when I was unprepared. I would imagine if I spent the day out in the field and kept track of them on the hunt and knew what they were about to nail, I *MIGHT* have a chance at it. This grackle happened to be perched on a branch of my feeding station. He got about a half a flap in panic before the hawk took him out in a burst of black feathers and a flash.
Like you say, getting the money shot would be almost a miracle. I was shooting a Bushtit last fall when something slammed into it, or the branch it was on anyway. Even then I never got a shot of anything, not even whatever it was that attacked it. I think it missed as there was no puff of feathers. I also had the pleasure this spring of shooting two Bald eagles hunting what i think was a Bufflehead. Sadly it was in the rain so almost none of the pics turned out since i couldn't get the shutter speed fast enough to capture action. Never got a money shot on that either, eventually they gave up since the surprise was long gone and the little guy just kept diving as soon as he saw one of them.

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