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Well, put it this way, with an 85 in the corner/on the baseline, I see myself getting more keeper shots (both in IQ, and in action/framing) than I see myself getting with a 100 along the sideline/front of seats. That said, I think the 100 might be a decent addition...though it is my opinion I should be starting with the 85, and use the 100 as a supplement later. I am open to shoot from other spots if the recommendation is to do something different.
Your assumption is correct. The 100mm doesn't give you a whole lot of extra reach. Shooting from baseline it's not going to get you to the other basket - just a bit past half court - pretty much a no-mans land where there's no action. When you shoot from the side, your shot selection really drops down - you don't want players with their backs to you so you have 2 types of shots - transition driblling and players on the other side of the key. The problem with players on the other side of the key is there is so often another player or players in between. The other option is to shoot from ABOVE. That can work in the pros where people are dunking and getting pretty high. In HS, there are a lot less opportunities for interesting shots from above. If you want to shoot from above/side to try and shoot OVER other players then you need something in the neighborhood of 200-300mm because you're shooting OVER and need to reach the other side of the key (i.e. you can't be 10 feet up and try and shoot over players on your side of the key as the angle is too sharp - you have to move up higher and further away). So, for a person with ability to shoot baseline, the 100mm lens is a waste. Too tight on aps-c to shoot baseline and not long enough for a complimentary lens to shoot the occasional shot from up in the stands for a different perspective.

Work with the 85. If you find you want to try other shots and the 85 is proving incapable then we can attack that specific need. But having shot HS basketball, I think you'd be throwing money away buying the 100mm given you have baseline access.
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