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Originally Posted by mtclimber View Post
There is nothing on today's camera market under $300 than can compete with the F-10. The Canon S-90 comes close, and it, just like the F-10 uses a larger physical size imager.

Since you have personal experience using the Canon S90 and Samsung EX1 (TL500 in the U.S.), how would you rate their auto performance? Same question for the Panasonic LX3 if you have used it.


To clarify, when I said "If your wife is willing to get a larger than pocketable P&S camera then there are some current choices." I was thinking of the S90, EX1/TL500 and LX3 cameras. I consider them larger than "pocketable" P&S cameras but they all have reputations as excellent low-light cameras. I don't have any personal experience with any of them but Sarah does.

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