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Originally Posted by NicoleAu View Post

First time poster, have been reading the forums over the last few days.
Welcome to the forum.

Anyway, I'm looking to update my old Fuji S5600, I'm interested in getting a little more serious about photography,but am not quite ready for a dSLR. Mainly because as a student and a Mum, I simply don't have the time to learn right now.
One year ago, I was in the same situation. I wanted to replace
my S5600 with something newer. The Fujifilm cameras that were
available at the time were not getting very good reviews. At that
time the Panasonic DMC-FZ28 was widely regarded as the
best bridge camera, so I decided to jump ship and buy the

One year on, the DMC-FZ28 has been 100% reliable and I
would happily recommend the Panasonic to anyone who is
looking for a good bridge camera. The current equivalent model
is the DMC-FZ38 (FZ35 in USA). This model is due for replacement,
probably in the next couple of months. See the FZ35 review on Steve's.

I did look at getting the HS10, but the weight has put me off a little. I tend to use my zoom quite a bit as I shoot anything from animals in trees to sunrises over distant hills. I don't do a lot of indoors photography unless it is of the kids or special occasions.

The HS10 is the other obvious candidate. I have never used one, but
some of the comments on this forum gives me the impression that it
is not quite as newbie friendly as the Panasonic. This might not be a
problem for you because you have probably have a few years of
experience with the S5600 behind you.

I have a price range of about $500-700au. What do others suggest for my needs and price range?
You can probably guess what my suggestion will be. That budget
brings you into entry-level DSLR territory. The learning curve is not
as steep as you think. Most DSLRs have automatic and semi-automatic
modes which makes them almost as easy to use as your old S5600.
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