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Originally Posted by PhilippeArt View Post

Main key deference from FZ45/48:

(FZ40 and FZ100 has the same body of fz35/38)
- Lens increased from 18X to 24x.
- 14.1 Megapixel,
- 25mm Ultra Wide-Angle LEICA.
- FZ40: 1/2.33-inch / 14.5 Total Megapixels
- FZ100: 1/2.33-inch / 15.1 Total Megapixels
- FZ40: No flash hotshoe.
- FZ100: Has a flash hotshoe.
- FZ40: 720p HD Movie Recording
- FZ100: Full HD Movie Recording.

Can someone more knowledgble than me add the current FZ35/38 specs to this comparison? From the FZ40 specs I may just get the soon to be heavily discounted FZ35 instead and save some money.
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