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In that case, maybe you can take a look at this one:

I have a higher end, the VPC-FH1 that I am very happy with so I trust the Sanyo brand. I also have the Kodak Playsport which is pretty similar to the ZI8, advantage of this one is that it's waterproof. Only thing about the Kodaks is that they only have digital zoom which is useless, when you zoom in everything is blurry and distorted, basically can only film whats in front of you or play on a big screen for anything in the background. Also there is no flash, so if you take pictures in low lit areas, basically you're stuck in the dark (no pun intended). This Sanyo one on Amazon has optical zoom and flash and can play record 1080i 60 fps so it's good for capturing sports and anything with fast movement. Seems to have gotten good reviews as well.
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