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Originally Posted by smcilree View Post
It appears to me that except for the lack of a manual zoom ring, the FZ100 is finally the camera I've been waiting for to replace my FZ50.
It's interesting that different features are important to us. I can see the desirability of a manual zoom ring. For me, however, it would make it impossible to occasionally use the camera and zoom with one hand.

I usually wait for all sorts of reviews and analysis before I buy a new camera. This time, I didn't. I've come to trust the Panasonic system and the Leica lens. I ordered an FZ100 yesterday. I will be very surprised, and disappointed, if it isn't the best digital camera I've ever had. I especially value the burst modes, the "intelligent zoom", and the HD video. I don't like the extra weight, 19oz vs 14oz FZ35,.....but all those features and long lens are worth it, I think.

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