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OK...I did it. I bit the bullet and purchased the Pro1.

I loved it the second I picked it up. It feels great. It was the only one they had in the shop (they had already sold the other 4 they got in yesterday).

I'm not much for manuals (and this one looks dry) so I've just been tinkering with it and everything seems very intuitive.

I couldnt imagine getting the 8700 now having played with the remote control and the screen is big perfect for setting it up on a tripod and taking shots from a distance. I'm going away for the weekend with my girlfriend and its always a pain to get touristy pictures taken together when its just the two of us. So this should be great.

Lots of functions that are beyond me so its certainly a camera I will grow into. Should be great for travelling.

Now maybe I can stop obsessing about it and get some work done

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