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Originally Posted by adamvk View Post

Now for a side tangent, I've been unhappy with Aperture 3, and I'm looking at buying Photoshop Elements 8 Plus. Is it a good photo editor/place to store photos? I'd like to be able to ditch iPhoto/Aperture 3, and also the 20GB of storage online sounds awesome. Would it be better then Aperture 3?

I can't speak for Aperture 3, but I use Aperture 2 and Photoshop Elements 8.

I much prefer the final results from Aperture 2 over PE8 for basic edits.But for advanced editing there some things that Aperture 2 just can't do.

If I were to use PE8 alone I would not store my photo's within the program. I would keep my photo's in the finder/photo's
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