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I remember visiting there in the 70's some time. There was one loop rollercoaster and I rode it twice. The first time I was white knuckled the whole way and didn't think I'd ever get on it again. The loops didn't bother me as much as the huge drop before them. The second time I went on it was after sampling a pint or two of the beverage that Busch makes. Thought it was great fun that time. However, I've never been on another roller coaster since that day...

Love your pictures! You made very good use of the terrain to get some really good pictures. Some day I might find a few extra bucks to visit Magic Mountain. I've always wanted to take a picture of their roller coasters against some of our spectacular SoCal sunsets. I see it often enough but only at 70 mph from the freeway on my way home from work.
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