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Originally Posted by mtclimber View Post
The comparison should be between the Canon S-90 and the Samsung TL-500/EX-1.

Sarah Joyce
Hi ckalina,

As Sarah pointed out, the S90 should be compared to the Samsung TL500/EX1 since they are in the larger sensor class. But the high ISO sample shots I've seen from the TL350 are pretty amazing for a small sensor, pocketable P&S camera.

Here's a link to some TL350 shots. Check the ISO 800 shot of the girl resting her face on her hand. I think that ISO 800 shot looks equal or better than ISO 400 shots from many other small sensor cameras.

Also check the detail in the hair of the back shot of the little girl on page-2. It's a ISO 100 shot but the detail is darn good. Click on the image twice to enlarge it to full screen, then wait a few seconds for the highest resolution to appear.

I saw some other high ISO shots on a Chinese website but can't find the link now. If I find it, I'll post the link. It's a struggle to find user sample images from the TL350/WB2000 now since it was just released about 2 weeks ago.


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