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Default Pentax K-x, Canon T1i or T2i

Hello All,

This is my first post on this forum and I do apologize if I am asking too many question in one post.

First of all, I am a newby to DSLR camera. It will be my first DSLR, so I do have a few questions.

1. Which of these camera should I get, Pentax K-x, Canon T1i or T2i? I already ask a few friends about this question, and many of them told me to get either a Canon or Nikon. No one really suggest Pentax because they think that Pentax doesn't have a wide range of lens or that Canon and Nikon have a better resell value. To me, I just want to shoot better picture and I want to get one that I will be able to use for a while and happy with it. I read many good review about the K-x.

2. If I go for Canon T1i or T2i, should I buy it as a kit package including the len or just buy the body. A few friends told me to just get the body and get different len, the one that come with it is not that great. They are telling me to get the body and get this len: Canon EF 50mm F/1.8 II, will this len do good if I am shooting video?

3. I see that Canon EF 50mm F/1.8 II is a inexpensive good len, but shouldn't I get a zoom len that will give me flexibility?

I am mostly going to use the camera to take picture of my daughter. Of course she will be running around all the time. So, I wonder if any of these camera will do good, focus fast.

If you have any question for me, please let me know. Looking forward for your reply.

Thank You
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