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Originally Posted by camvard View Post
So there is a problem with the CMOS sensor. I just got an SD4000 (Ixus 300 HS), and the images are indeed less sharp than on my aging SD700 (Ixus 800 IS). Rather disappointing, because the camera seems to be excellent otherwise. Well, apart from overexposure in very bright areas, it seems.
That's funny, because we have the exact same problem...I have an SD700 too (which just crapped out) and I can't find a single camera made today that produces shots that look AS GOOD as it does, let alone any better!

The problem with more megapixels is that the sensor is no bigger than less light is hitting each pixel, and the image can't have as much contrast. This causes overexposure in bright areas and underexposure in dark areas. The upshot: digital cameras are actually getting worse every year!

Fujifilm is the only company to understand this, and makes their EXR cameras with a 6MP mode that increases dynamic range...but they don't have continuous shooting and their UI sucks.

Maybe I'll just have to find a used one on ebay and hope it lasts...
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