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Originally Posted by mtngal View Post
I've been wanting one of the white storm trooper ones
"Storm Trooper White"? ROTFLOL! I can just imagine what names people will conjure up for the candy-colored ones. Other than black and white and possibly orange, I'd have a hard time considering anyone carrying one of these as a serious photographer - certainly they might be popular with the teen crowd. And I can just see some little tyke picking one up and throwing it on the floor thinking it a plastic toy, or even chewing on the Chocolate one! Orange is close enough to International Orange that I can see if useful to firefighters or Coast Guardsmen, or anywhere high visibility is required to find one quickly. But People-eater Purple, or Shrek Green? Market-wise you can't argue with success, but what about the company's image? I just can't see it.

But then, I did buy one of those cool green w90's . . . .

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