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Originally Posted by TCav View Post
Getting multiple subjects within the shallow depth of field of an f/1.8 aperture must be tough.
If you actually paid attention I mentioned shallow dof and available light. Which of course is not group shots. Which is why I also mentioned flash work. It's also why I posted photos so the OP and others could see I have some actual experience when I post my opinions on how to shoot indoor family work. It's also why I addressed in words and photos all those shooting situations. So, because you seem to have some difficulty with the concepts of indoor family photography let's re-cap:
Shooting a group? You need flash:

If you want shallow DOF and you're in tight quarters (and thus can't use long focal lengths) and you don't have a lot of available light, you use both flash and wide apertures:

Of course if you have a lot of available light you don't need the flash but wide aperture is still beneficial:

And, if you have kids moving inside with not a lot of available light you need to use flash to freeze the motion blur (and avoid poor colors and noise associated with high ISO):

Hopefully I cleared up your confusion TCAV. If not let me know and I'll try to explain it a different way.
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