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Originally Posted by Torgny View Post

Oh, yes. Mais oui. The french had some business in Algeria. Some decades ago. There was a version of the little frenchman with two motors. Advertising told that if one motor broke the other motor safely would take you through the Sahara

There was also a Renault 4L. It was cheap and reliable and easy to fix by yourself. You could buy two of those for the price of one Volvo. Some advertising firm made an ad for a Renault 8L. People got surprised. New model?

No, one 4L+another 4L = one 8L. They were quite popular for many years for "people with more brains than money"

I think it's a beauty, did you make it for the club?

When I was just learning to drive we had a Renault 4 (down in South America). It was a fun car to drive, but the gear shift was really strange. Back to the topic, I always had a soft spot for the 2CV (perhaps a result of being dropped on my head as a baby or something ).
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