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Originally Posted by John.Pattullo View Post
damn people get a room why dont ya!

seriously though either system can be used - its more about photographer's ability than the cameras in alot of situations but i dont think it can be denied that shake reduction and fast autofocus is never likely to be a feature of a camera you dont want to have

"no no no please i dont want fast autofocus give me something slow and with no shake reduction while your at it"

as to the relative difference between the cameras abilities cant say since i've never used either
I agree with all you said here, except for the room thing.

As to not using the cameras in question, that makes three of us. Neither TCav, nor myself have used these cameras either, but one chooses to be an authority. From what I've seen, they both seem to be very nice.

My purpose in this disgusting dialog is to challenge false statements uttered out of a lack of knowledge of the subject. A photo is worth a thousand words, so I'll cease.

TCav will have to have the last word, kind of like a punch-down-clown, and he'll likely fade from this thread and start again on the next.
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