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Originally Posted by kibaris View Post
...second effort, a little better but still not satisfied

Dark clear night, no haze, I used a tripod and self timer
1/125sec - f8.0 - iso 80
Manual mode
spot metering
spot focus
EV 0.0
max. focal length 18X
WB auto

It looks a bit greenish...

Any help would still help!

f8.0 causes major lens diffraction, softening the image significantly. Just use A mode, wide open f4.4, and use EV to adjust.

No one worries too much about the moon's colours...pick a Wb setting that looks right to you, or you can override by pressing the up button and manually adjusting the 4-way axis.

Or even better, shoot in B%W for maximum clarity!

Keep trying!

Greg :-))

PS Clint is just green with envy...
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