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I use the RC-1 made by Canon.

By setting the camera to Time Value, you can get the exposure time to just about what ever you need it to be.

The max distance from the camera to the remote is about 15 feet.

My complaint has been that I must be in front of the camera aiming the RC-1 towards the camera for it to work. Because the wireless release is infra-red technology, you have to aim the remote control at the sensor on the camera. The sensor is on the front of the camera.

You can set the shutter to release either immediately, 2 second delay or a 10 second delay.

My guess is that there are after-market wireless releases made to canon specs.

But I've been happy with my RC-1. By the way, I keep my RC-1 in a zip-loc plastic bag. It is so small, it can get easily lost in my camera bag.

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