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Bock - Thanks so much! Am often "stunned" by the amazing landscapes of East TN.

Harriet - Thank you so much! You'll just have to plan a family vacation in the East one of these days...

Ned - Thanks for all your specific & helpful comments! I had a lot of fun watching that spider working on her web - and took way too many photos! I agree with the turtle shell comment - am still learning manual focus (and old eyes don't help!). So glad you enjoyed the monarch on the thistle - just a lucky shot before he left. And yes, I could not decide which way to shoot the barn & sky, so just did both... Will probably be taking lots more old barn photos this fall & winter, when there are fewer bugs & flowers to chase!!

John - Thanks so much. Glad you enjoyed it!

Lou - Thanks!

GW - My wife told me I missed an even more exciting sky. Those same wispy cirrus clouds were refracting the sunlight where she was that day, making blue sky rainbows!
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