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Originally Posted by zig-123 View Post
Hi Mike, allow me to elaborate on my suggestion. I do believe the poster is located in England or in the United Kingdom. I very often see, Oly users located in England posting what they have to sell. In which case , there may well be someone in the local area that is selling that particular lens.

Also, people I see posting equipment on that site a typically forum members of as well as who are required to post photos of the equipment they are offering for sale.
It's nothing like Craig's List, where there's a preponderance of scam artists.

Personally, given a choice, I'll buy from someone who is local and I can see the item I want to buy. That's why I thought the suggestion made some sense.

It's clear that I didn't make myself clear.

thx guys.
shouldn't be a problem here - the company i'd buy it through, as well as the details i gave earlier, give a 12 month guarantee.
all useful stuff tho...this new hobby could be quite expensive
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