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Originally Posted by lesmore49 View Post
...Therefore I made the suggestion that I thought a small bodied DSLR
(I have a KM ...K2000 in the states) with the highly rated Pentax 40mm F 2.8 pancake lens would perform quite well. BTW, I don't have the Pentax 40mm pancake lens.

Although it would be bigger then a G series, I don't think the size differential between a KM/40 Pancake lens would be that significant, given that at the time of it's introduction, the KM was touted as the smallest bodied DSLR...
I looked up the specs of KM and KX and they are exactly the same size, with KX being 45g lighter (with batteries), add a 40mm pankcake (90g) and this combo will be almost twice as heavy as G11 and will cost almost twice the price and it's quite a bit larger as well. I have and like G11, but as a compact camera it is not really a pocket go anywhere all the time camera. But it is small and versatile on its own with a good IQ, compared to my 3kg 'walk-around' camera bag
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