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Default What a choice DRebel 10D or D70

This seems to be a dilemer for alot of people at the moment! I have been reading about and trying out these three gems for a month or so now and this is how I see the choice.

Canon 10d - what a beast, fantastic high iso images, great feature list, build quality is first class... I want one but the price is limiting my choice of lenses and accessories.

Canon DRebel 300D - fantastic value for money, sufficeint features for a beginner to DSLR, money left over for extra lenses etc.

Nikon D70 - now this is the best DSLR to hold that Ive tried so far, not quite as good an image as the Canons but still not bad. Fantastic value for money, great build quality, and about as many features as the 10D

Now the decider, my needs and wants I am moving from a Minolta Dynax 7000 and Casio QV3000, so no lens bagage yet. I want to learn the ropes of photography and experiment. My interests are portraits and action shots of the family, and low light wide angle photos in dirty environments. So It seems the 10D is for me, but the price hurts. D70 is an absolute WOW to hold and use but it is let down by the lack of a really good higher end camera to upgrade to later eg 10D go to a 1D or 1Ds D70 got to a ...... hmmm.
DRebel now get lots more lenses and upgrade body later sounds good to me, but the build and lack of features may annoy me before I can afford an upgrade.

Also in the Canon favour is the range of lenses there seems to be a lens in all price brackets to suit whereas the nikon has fewer choices of price...if you see what i mean

So there is my dilemer, I am easily swayed in each direction but am closing in one soon!!!!! well i think I am. Any comments advice or similar outpooring of frustration welcome. AAAAAAHHHHHHH
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