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Originally Posted by tkurkowski View Post
A long time ago Zig recommended Noise Ninja. I bought it and I'm very happy with it. It is stand-alone.


Thanks for the plug Ted. But, I not sure that it was me who recommended it.

I have tried almost all of the noise reduction packages out there. Now that doesn't make me any expert. It just means I have a bit of aversion to noise in some of my photographs, typically landscapes.

Neat image is the noise reduction package I use most often as it is a plug-in for Photoshop. It is simple, sort of operates on the KISS principle- in that, once you develop a profile for your camera, it operates almost automatically.

To be fair, I also use the noise reduction sliders in Adobe's Camera RAW plug-in v 6.1- which also can be downloaded free and is compatible with Photoshop Elements 6,7,8.

I've most recently, downloaded a trial version of Topaz DeNoise v4 which also works extremely well as a plug-in for Elements. But the trial expired and I really didn't find such an appreciable difference with DeNoise vs what I already had to justify spending money on it.


Oops, Ken I forgot to comment on your images which are fine the guitar came out especially well and as already been mentioned, a little noise clean-up an Voila! it would be really rather nice.

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