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Originally Posted by zig-123 View Post
I haven't had that many different 135mm lenses in my hand, but I do have an OMZ 135mm 3.5 which, I believe, is overall a pretty sharp lens. I also have the Konica Hexanon 135mm 3.5. It is decidedly sharper, IMHO.

I do think that all of them work well in good light or with a flash. Having an OPV i.e. E-1, E-3 or E30 will produce a much higher level of focused images.
Also, starting with the E-510, adding the ability to dial in image stabilization for legacy glass improved the chances of success.

However much fun it is to use old glass, I still think the owner of an Olympus dslr will get more consistent results with the 40-150mm kit lens (either version).

I believe the purpose built lens's for didgi cams are superior but as you say the old glass can be fun. I might have to change out my 40-150, I've been unhappy from the start with it and I like the range. The price shouldn't be bad either.

I probably could have had better results with the flash as you said, or waited until the next day. I was just playing...and lazy. Hence the noise.
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