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Read the info. 190 for a 8gig, vx 20 less for 4 less gig, not bad. this is in compition not with the Kodak but with the flip, as Kodak caters to External drives not internal memory.

No mention of any stereo mic if in/out. I lean not to Kodak, nor to Sony, as one will have what the other will not.

I think we'll see every camcorder company releasing a touchscreen lol

I am not a full fan yet. I know my OLD touchscreen, not the old as in elderly. but in O.L.D. as in organic made of corn.

today we're in a green world and that I cannot imagine a company leaving out the vitals.

I like still teh Sanyopd2 moel. and just not yet going to plung 200.00 again for what may be a 2 inch screen I preferre a 2.5-3inch screen I am sure Sanyo could have made a 3 inch screen. good luch in your purhcasing

Yes forgot to say they found a cure for fixed focus. lol auto fixed focus seems to be now available.
These are Pc low Budget Economy Hybrid camcorders Great for the Daytime Outdoor shots
Light on the Object video made. No light No Video
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