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Originally Posted by Steven R View Post
Which Sigma lens did you use in that picture? I have the Sig 55-200mm and have not noticed that problem. But my subjects are usually farther away. Do you think it is more likely to happen when you are using short focusing distances?
Hi Steven, it's the 135-400. Since I really only just started thinking about this issue last night I'm not sure. It shows up more in this series of pics and it could be because of the short distance. Or it could just be because there's something to see if it's front focused. At longer distances it seems like what I'm shooting doesn't have as obvious a foreground so it might just look a little soft. Sharpness wise the lens is only equal to my Tokina at 400mm and may not be even as sharp as the Tamron at 200mm. Seems to me it should be better than that.

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