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The Nikon D70 seems like a great camera, but now that the sample images from it are coming in, I'm not happy with what I am seeing. There's a lot of talk on the DPreview forums about the moire distortion, and to a lesser extent, the noise, that this camera produces. They call anyone who says anything negative about the D70 a "Canon troll" (it's really quite funny :lol. Anyway, this forum is much friendlier, so I'm not afraid to post here.

The noise level in the D70 is enough to turn me away from the camera. I already have a Canon lens, so when I move up to a DSLR, it makes sense for me to go with a Canon. If there was a Nikon that was significantly better, I'd consider moving to Nikon. I do like the features of the D70 better than the Rebel, but with the image quality it seems to produce, I don't think those features justify abandoning the Canon system. Steve's D70 samples are sharp and have beautiful colors, but the blue sky is full of noise. It's not terrible, but it's there. I can only imagine what would happen with a picture that required significant adjustment of the levels (which brings out noise). I filtered some of Steve's samples in NeatImage, and they cleaned up nicely. But, I don't want to move up to a dSLR and still have to run all my photos through noise filtration.
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