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Originally Posted by NMRecording View Post
Thanks for the info, jelow1966.

Looks like its either going to be the AFA or Kenko for IQ, if i can find the AFA cheap enough (300ish like I saw one last week) I may get it, otherwise for IQ the Kenko seems to be the next best thing

yeah ive been running circles over which 300-400 lens to get and i really prefer primes, which theres far less options for.

Ive tried a few zooms and the sharpness, coloring, and bokeh of my 200 2.8 is so far unmatched,

also deterring me from the da star 300 is the fact that with a 1.5 TC i can get 300 f4, for the price (and near sharpness depending on IQ degradation ) and with the AFA I could have near af from what ur saying, (though im not sure how the afa is going to turn such a heavy lens, ) for about a thousand dollars less than buyin the da star 300.

Ive looked at some other lens options 200-400, bigma, tamron 135-400, I really dont know what I want cuz I want it all! :-) Im just not sure what to settle on, i think for me right now the best thing would be the TC so I can get an idea of what a nice one does to the lens and then try to pick up longer glass in the future. Seeing very few lenses at 400 faster than 5.6 for pentax is unfortunate and theyre all more money than my car cost, (you can see where my priorities are)

I know theres no such lens out there that fits my needs as itd be free :-D but perhaps a TC will keep me happy till Ive got that kinda money layin around.

Anyone need a kidney?
What length are you after and what is your price range? There are several options in the 300 and 400mm range as well as zooms such as the Sigma 135-400 though having one I can't say I'd recommend it unless you camera has the ability to tweak the focus point as mine front focuses pretty badly.

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