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Any picture taken is better than any picture NOT taken. If that means shooting at noisy ISO levels, so be it. I've shot a LOT with my Sony DSC-V1 in NightShot mode, which sees IR to boost the ISO while emitting MUCH noise. So I use PP scripts that remove the sniper-scope green, restore some colors, and do a little smoothing -- but the noise is still there.

Big deal. The human visual system is curious -- we like to see objects and structures and stuff in great detail, but we have immense tolerance for lack of detail when seeing faces, body parts, etc, whether human or not. The great example is an 8x8 pixel B&W square that, when squinted at, is recognizably Abe Lincoln.

When looking at pictures of stuff, noise can be intolerable. When looking at pictures of people and other animals, noise can be irrelevant. Yes, I try my best to minimize noise; but if it's a necessary trade-off for getting the shot, I don't agonize over it.
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