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Originally Posted by NMRecording View Post
nice shots! looks like you managed quite well
Thank you! Despite the cloudy rainy weather I was still able to get some quick shutter speeds for the shots where I wanted to catch the cars crossing the start/finish with the checkered flag out. Wasn't a bad day considering.

Originally Posted by mtnman View Post
I'd say you did very well, especially under gray cloudy condditions.
While I'm pleased with the shots that did turn out, I would have liked to get more keepers and while I had the panning down on them my unsteady hands caused blur quite often and ruined the shot. Next time I go to the track I will make sure I pick up a monopod before I go and we'll see if my keepers improve.

Originally Posted by mole View Post
A great job despite the adverse weather & lighting. Fascinating subjects, very well-photographed!
Thanks mole! Thankfully it's not an expensive event to attend ($25), but the 3 hour drive from my place means that if it got rained out then it was a long wasted day. Most of these guys drove in the rain though which was cool, but I wouldn't have been shooting in the rain. I love these old cars and wish the weather had been nicer so we could have caught more.
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