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I would just go by the set that he says has no PP. The original shots are here for all to see. Look at them and see what you like. To me, the Pro1 does show a bit more detail than the other 8MP cameras. The rest are all pretty close.

They all have their ups and downs. I like the handing of the A1/2. I much prefer a mechanical zoom, I like the 28 - 200 range (a little more tele would be nice) I also like that you can do pretty much anything via a wheel or button instead of going though endless menus like other cameras I've owned. The AS feature is worth a couple of stops. The AF is FAST and is supposed to be even better on the A2.

You have to look at the features and images and pick what suits your needs best. What is important to some people, is not to others. If the A2 is not for you, thats fine. Everyone has their preferences.
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