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My point is that at f22, an object 5 inches away from the lens should be completely out-of-focus, no? And at maximum aperture (5.6) at maximum focal length, very distant objects would also be a complete blur. But when I set the aperture value to f22 and pointed at the object 5 inches away, AF struggled a moment, then took it to the wide end, to focus properly, yet it still said the photo was taken at f22, at 4" exposure (this was low-light). And again, when I set the aperture wide-open, then pointed at far-away mountains, it again struggled, then stopped down to the closed-end to focus properly, and yet the aperture value was still recorded as 5.6.

I know the autofocus doesn't have anything to do with the exposure system, but aperture has as much to do with focus as it does with exposure. What I'm saying is that autofocus seems to be overriding the aperture I set entirely, even setting it at the exact opposite end of the range as I set it, as if it were in Program mode.

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