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This thread is too funny! I understand the woes of you wedding photographer friend! I shot my step nieces wedding ( I AM NOT A PRO BUT I AS FREE ! ) I only shot maybe a couple hundred shots but my goodness the time I sat at the computer afterward had me wondering if my gift of free photography was worth it to ME ! I gave them a disk with all the photos, minus a few really bad ones, so they could go get all the prints they wanted. They were thrilled with the pics ( I think the price of the photographer had something to do with that!) and I was glad it was over! A few years earlier when I shot my brothers wedding with a sears ksx ( a pentax incognito) that had the awesome ability to set exposure by altering the shutter speed , all I did was send off the film got prints back and gave prints and negs to my brother. Much less work than the digital wedding!
Now let me tell you why I think it was so much more work. With the film I knew that I had to get it right in the camera if I wanted to get decent shots. I had to KNOW what settings to use with the film I had chosen. I could not afford to guess! With the digital on the other hand I had come to lean on post processing to "correct" any mis-guesses. Unfortunately that is a habit I still have a hard time shaking. In some ways fillm was more "automatic " than our all automatic digital cameras! LOL
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