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I haven't read a ton about it yet to know for sure. This has been a long week after my first treatment. Much worse than I had expected I would do. But, I do know that when I first started looking for a dSLR back in 2006 I was disappointed I couldn't get one with video. When the K7 came out with it, it was very tempting, but I hadn't had my K20 that long so passed on it.

I have certainly not outgrown my K20. Especially not using it for the past 5 months. And, I would certainly want to see if the price would drop some. But, it is on my radar now that I see it's out.

Plus, I'm about to go out on disability shortly for an indefinite period of time. I should have full paychecks the whole time, but it would be scary to spend that much money while not working. The time will at least allow me some time to enjoy life for a while and maybe start focusing on my photography seriously on the days I feel good.

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