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I have used UV filters and will use them in future, when the need arises. A boat trip, young kids, bad weather, travel, etc will bring out the filters but anything where the lighting will be dim with very high contrast ratios from relatively small light sources will see the filters put away.

A word on hoods. I use SW metal hoods I get from an Ebay source for a very reasonable price but if you are planning to buy take this advice. Since the APS-C is a smaller than 135 sensor you can use deeper hoods. On my 28-70mm I use a hood for a normal (about 40mm ) lens with no vignetting (after all 28mm has the same fov as 42mm on film). My 50mm f1.4 has a very deep hood designed for telephoto lenses (70mm+). These deeper hoods offer better protection from both flare and damage. Even if you use UV filters a hood is a good investment. My lenses sit in the bag with no lens caps, just the end caps, and I have little fear of accidental smudges.

If you use older M, A, F, or FA lenses I would heartily recommend good metal lens hoods, as I said, even if you use UV filters.

Here is that picture of my kit again to show the hoods:
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