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Originally Posted by John.Pattullo View Post
iso 51200 from a jpg and then run through some noise reduction - i'm calling this as pretty damn impressive

got photo from pentax forums not mine - some lucky guy at photokina
Hi John,

I copied a full-sized jpg from the same series just to see how it would post process with the tools I normally use. I don't know if it had high ISO NR turned on, but it looked better than the typical 6400 shot from my K-7 or K20, and I could PP it to look surprisingly good at a reduced size. I wouldn't shoot a lot at this speed, because it took a lot of PP to get there, but it's doable for an occasional exceptionally good shot, and I'd say that it came out good enough to print to at least 8x10 I have yet to get a K20 or K-7 6400 shot to look as good. . . and I've tried.

This was with preproduction firmware (v0.30), so it's not necessarily indicative of how a production model will shoot, and I don't know what the NR was set to, but it does look good.

After the Kx, I was hoping for a usable ISO 6400 and pretty clean 3200 from the K-5, and this indicates that the K-5 has a real chance of delivering on this.

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