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Default Normal or fault?

I've got the FZ45 and am currently trying out the FZ38 to see which is best for me. It arrived yesterday and to compare the two I snapped a few indoor shots, just to see what P&S would be like. I tried to keep the settings roughly the same - limited to 400, AWB, roughly same zoom. To my surprise, the colour tone seemed to be very different between the two cameras - the FZ38 being more yellowy and the FZ45 more blue. I was also surprised to see that the FZ38 seemed to produce yellow splotches or weird gradients across a number of the pictures, and the FZ45 didn't. I had expected somehow for the 38 to be better than the 45 indoors without flash.

I was wondering if the colour difference, and the yellow splotches/gradient are normal or suggest I've got a faulty FZ38? I've put in a few shots below (excuse the terrible focusing etc) - the first two show the colour difference, and the last two the yellowy lines and splotches that the FZ38 was producing.

1) FZ38
P1000036 by Samble2, on Flickr

2) FZ45 blue tone
P1000230 by Samble2, on Flickr

3) FZ45 looking for splotches
P1000254 by Samble2, on Flickr

4) FZ38 looking for splotches and finding weird colours and lines
P1000257 by Samble2, on Flickr

6) FZ38 splotches
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