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Originally Posted by tkurkowski View Post
So, how many DSLRs do you own?

At one point Ben Herrmann owned 81:
I thought there was something wrong with that statement...from the link:
"and considering at one point I managed to amass up to 81 digital cameras..."

That includes P&S cameras which are far cheaper than dSLRs.

For instance I've owned 11 digital cameras since 1997 (although I've played with digitizing analog still video cameras since 1989), but in that time only owned 2 dSLRs, E-300 & E-330 both of which I still use today.

In a month or so I'm planning to get a 3D camera, probably Fuji's W3, as soon as I decide Panasonic's 3D option is wrong for me after I get a chance to try it (the lenses of Panasonic's 3D lens are too close together for proper 3D.
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