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Yes the description is vague and better than what? What most folks are overlooking is the 60D is not an upgrade to the 50D but the T2i. Its like they took the rebel body and extended it just a bit and added a few xxd features. There are many stories out there of people dropping camera in water and them coming out OK if retrieved fast enough. I guess my bottom line is where is the line drawn by the manufacturer regarding when you take it in for repairs and it was a result of water damage from being in the rain. I know the 1D series is covered under warranty but cant speak for the rest. Im not willing to try out something just because its been reported by someone else that it can do certain things unless the manufacturer says the same. Just like buying a 1/2 ton pickup truck. Some will tell you it hauled a full ton with no problems but when you try it and the suspension collapses the dealer is going to laugh at you when you bring it in for warranty repair.
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