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Default October Monthly Challenge

What a surprise! I won the September challenge, still can't believe it! Thanks to everyone who voted for my photo. :-D I feel a bit guilty to "steal" that win from pboerger, though... Hm... I've got a bit jumped by these news to say so - lets see: we had a HDR challenge (very technical/postprocessing oriented), golden hour (get the right lighting).

What about this: One of the many interesting aspects of photography for me is to "see things" when you take pictures. Finding a good/the right object, arrange stuff, image composition etc. - so my challenge for you is about that and it's called:


Background information:
There is a game called "SET!" (Links to get you started: and ) and we play this in the family and with friends now and then. Follow the link to learn about it and maybe you even try it on your own This is where I got the idea from, I just modified the base idea for us.

The challenge:
Your task is to find and photograph three objects of the same kind, where
- the shape,
- the size and
- the color
are either the same for all or completely different.

This challenge calls for your "photographic eye" and/or your arrangement skills, your imagination and fantasy and lets you think about composition as sometimes it might be quite difficult to get these three objects on the image.

1. pictures are to be sized 800 pixels on their longest side
2. use a Pentax or Samsung dSLR to take the pictures
3. pictures were taken within the last 90 days (if possible, embed EXIF information or add the date in your posting)

Additional rules for this challenge:
1. While you are allowed to arrange three objects in real life and take photos, the use of software to "produce" that SET! image is not allowed. I am talking about cut&paste, the cloning tools etc. Of course postprocessing in general is allowed
2. Minor/acceptable differences in size, shape and color are allowed of course.

Have fun and I hope we get some fantastic, unexpected, maybe unusual and crazy/mind-boggling photos. The "best" set shall win!

Kind regards,

Be careful and watch your steps. When you get into this, you might get distracted from driving or else

As this is confusing at first, I'll give some examples:

- of course 3 green apples of the same size would make a set. Same size, same color, same shape ("apple" shape)
- and (still easy) 2 green apples and 1 red apple is not a set, even if they are of the same size and shape.
- but 1 green, 1 yellow and 1 red apple are a set (same size of course): same size, same "apple" shape, color COMPLETELY different

- a yellow peach, a green apple and a red nectarine would be a set (almost the same size, nearly the same shape, different colors for each)
- change the yellow peach to a yellow banana: no set (shape!)
- yellow banana, yellow peach, yellow pear (almost the same size, same color, different shape) could work as a set

Some ideas for you:
- look around and I'm sure you'll find 3 objects that you could put on a table and snap a picture.
- fruits, vegetables, things you find in your kitchen, ...
- all kind of collectibles in general
- do you know 3 twins? Show us!
- people in general: child, teenager, adult: combine the different sizes with identical colors (or completely different). Shape is considered the same ("human being")
- animals: mouse, horse, elephant (roughly same shape, 4 legs etc.)
- animals: eel, raven, cat (roughly the same size, completely different shape)
- plants: a tree sapling, a small tree (maybe as tall as you) and an old tree of the same kind (10m or higher)
- plants again: flower, moss, tree/bush (completely different shape)
- the cars in your street/village: maybe there are 3 of (nearly) the same shape? But with different colors?

Of course getting "everything different" is the hardest challenge. I am anxious to see the images that achieve that goal.

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