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Just to get you started...

This photo was taken from the Berlin TV tower and I can remember talking with my daughter about those three skyscrapers. I didn't crop here to show the whole scenery. WB is difficult because of the colored windows of the tower but it's not too far off I think.

There we go:
- 3 skyscrapers (same shape)
- same size
- different color (blue, yellow, red)

Of course, that's an "easy" set - but it shows that the sets can be found everywhere. Happy hunting!

Btw. - how do you like the view? There is a cafe in the TV tower and it moves around - so after like half an hour you've got a full 360 view. Just in case you visit Berlin - take your time to order some coffee there and enjoy the view!

This probably won't be my final entry.

Kind regards,

P.S. Image was taken on September 1st 2010, *ist DL2, f/8, 1/200s, 28mm. I lost EXIF somewhere in the PP process... I'll try to produce an image which contains the EXIF so you can be sure about the date. For some reason the image lost detail after uploading here, the original file on my HD looks much better

Update: I added a version with EXIF information. Silly software, that eats those information. Darnit....
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