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Default I need info on Digital Cameras -I hate the one I just bought

I researched digital cameras for several weeks before deciding to purchase an Olympus C-750. I have owned Olympus in the past (not digital) and they were good. I have had the camera for about 2 months now and I am just not happy with it at all. I read so many good reviews about this camera, but I am not impressed. I used an old Sony Mavica FD-91 from my work and it took better pictures that this camera. I push down the button to take the picture and there is such a delay in taking the picture that I often get pictures that are not anything like what I wanted. Why is the delay so LONG? There was no delay on the Sony camera. Is the delay just on this camera or are all digital cameras now like this. Also, many times my pictures are blurry because when pushing the button you have to push so hard and the camera moves a small amount. HELP, please because I want to sell this camera and get one more suited to my needs. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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