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Hi Ira and All,

Re: the thread's title: I'm not one who's lured by other brands. After over 5 years of active LBA, I'm so invested in K mount glass and related gear that I don't even consider other brands, no matter what they might offer. Besides, I'm too old and set in the processes of shooting Pentax bodies that it would be silly to try to switch. Now that it appears that AF speed has probably advanced to the point where there is little advantage to the other systems for my purposes, so there's little reason to even look at them. I won't ever use photography to pay the rent, so whatever Pentax offers will suit my purposes just fine.

For me, the advantages offered by the 1.7x AFA for my main areas of interest have outweighed most disadvantages of shooting Pentax for quite some time. The improved AF speed and ISO performance that the K-5 looks to offer only further seals the deal for me.

This forum, for me is the perfect mix. A group of photographers who really seem to fit the niche that Pentax serves well, amateurs and advanced enthusiasts who want to hang out, share their images, knowledge, and experiences with friends who have a common interest. I think that was the original intent of these fora, and this is the only one I know of that's really stayed true to this over the years. . . it's a community. . . and a fine one. I've always considered myself lucky to have found this forum, and I don't imagine that this will change.

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