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Hello Sarah Joyce.

I am not familiar with the 80-210 and a quick check over at dyxum does not show one listed. Did you mean the Beercan? I do have the f/4 Beercan but night games and faster moving objects can be a problem. forget using a tc after dark, and sometimes during the day

I am trying to do work for our small newspaper so find myself shooting games on weekends then city and county government meetings a couple of times during the week. (and anything else they want me to shoot) It is a cool gig for someone trying to be semi retired.

The Government venues frown heavily on flash photography hence my desire to stick with the f/2.8 maximum aperture. I must say that elected officials are all about looking their best in the paper so have been good about adding a couple of lights for back lighting and letting me move the short platform they have for my tripod so I am shooting an angle away from the windows instead of into them.

Currently I use the zoom more than the prime and as JimC pointed out the White lenses attract unwanted attention in some indoor situations. I should have kept the Black zoom but did not listen.

I know I am going to bleed for these but I have lots of good trading fodder so it will not sting the wallet quite as bad.

I appreciate your input.


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