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Default Do you really... need.. or just want a new Pentax body ?

I used to watch (my cable provider changed and I think I lost the channel) an excellent car show and one of the hosts would ask...after testing a particularly desirable you really need this car....or just want it !

Invariably he decided that he really didn't 'need' it...but he sure wanted it.

I've thought about this dilemma over the years...even back to my film days.

I've got a K10D that I bought....almost to the day...three years ago and a KM (K2000) that I bought about a year and a half ago. The two of them were bought new.

I like them both and both (touch wood ) have been dead reliable.

Recently I helped a friend buy a new KX and I went through the manual and the camera with her...showing all the features.

Was I impressed....the KX has lot's of features on my K10D....but also on the KM, which was the predecessor of the KX.

Technology marches on and waits for no one, I suppose.

Anyways back to my original K10D (and KM), although they may be obsolete, take wonderful pictures.

The KM is nice lightweight camera body and my old K10D is a veritable tank...tough as nails, doesn't flinch even in the toughest conditions.

But after reading about the latest and greatest in the Pentax line, the K-5..I would love to have this camera body.

But aside from higher ISO, faster and more precise AF........which I seem to be doing ok with the slower two, that I have I really need a Pentax K-5 ?

I don't really need it.....I just want it.....boy would I like to have one.

But after thinking about it a lot....I know the prudent course of action is to keep on using the K10D and KM....until they die...until it would be more expensive to fix then what either camera body would be worth.

Ever find yourself in this situation ? How did you address it ?


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