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Thanks for the clarification Sarah.

I have an 80-200 f/2.8 APO lens. I have the first run of the White 80-200 and the first of the 300 f/2.8. I swapped from the Black 80-200 first generation lens (that came back to bit me on the butt) as the tc's are not compatible. So now I am still stuck with two lenses and four tc's and some work here and some work there, and in all honesty, it adversely affects my sense of proportion.

Not knowing any better I traded for an early number White 80-200. The only difference was the White part so the tc's were all same same.

Two lenses with tc's that work all around. If the new lenses have to be White then I need to find another first generation 80-200 Minolta so I can shoot with a Black lens at counsel and government meetings.

All of this was predicted right here on the forum.

I shot six weeks worth of meetings with the Black lens and no one cared. I wear neutral color pleated wash slacks and a shirt to try to match the off white color of the walls to blend as much as possible.

No flash allowed

With the first generation Black 80-200 people looked the first time at the big kit from the paper and pretty much gave me no further notice. After that no one could have cared less.

I showed up with a White lens and even the gallery got nervous. Every time I click the shutter people glance to my corner of the room like someone just cut a fart.

If cost were no object what would you buy? (from what I see now Sony does not represent the best value per dollar)

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