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I must say that the lengths of posts have become quite impressive. Well, mine shall be brief.

Again we have a philosophical question that really lies at the root of the hobby, since most of us are not "professionals" then our cameras are not tools but instead, toys. As such they fuel our hobby as much as the results we get from them. Some will dismiss this infatuation with the camera by labeling it with some term like "camera enthusiast" or "gear junkie" or some other term that implies that "real" photographers are above the mundane allure of the device and are at some higher intellectual plane where the creation of the image is an entirely intellectual and spiritual pursuit. To that I say (expletive deleted).

I enjoy my camera, even on days when there is nothing to shoot I will often take it out, clean it up, make sure it is functioning properly, look around the house through the viewfinder, all the things I would do with a new toy when I was a kid. If need were the only motivating factor I would still be using my old Optio 33L. At 3MP it could produce good 8X10 images, it had a zoom range that takes in 80% of the images I now shoot, it had a very accurate exposure system and adequate AF and the added bonus of fitting in my pocket. Want is the motivation of the hobbyist. We photograph because we want to, we are amateurs and that word implies a love for the medium, a desire for the activity. I am not implying that we throw caution to the winds and spend exorbitantly on equipment (almost everything I own I bought used) but we must accept the fact that the joy of owning a sophisticated, feature laden camera is just as important as the images we make with it.

Oops, I appear to have been a little longer winded than I had originally intended.
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