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Default Just Pulled the Trigger on a G1

I just pulled the trigger on a leftover Panasonic G1 at $499 on Amazon. Ever since losing my Olympus E-PL1, it's been bugging me that my Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 pancake lens has been sitting around with no camera to work on. And I had been waiting to see what the next round of micro four-thirds products would be like.

The new Panasonic G series is certainly nice, but the upgrades aren't that compelling for me and the sensor in the G2 and G10 is the same one that's in the G1. The GH2 is barely out yet and the GH1 with the 14-140mm lens is still just under $1000 - more money than I want to spend right now.

It's true that the new G10 is about $50-$60 cheaper than the leftover G1. But I opted for the older camera for three reasons: its much better built-in electronic viewfinder, its articulating LCD and the older 14-45mm lens, which is markedly better than the new 14-42mm lens on the new G series. Even if I buy other micro four-thirds cameras in the future, I'll have the 14-45mm lens to use on them.

The price of the E-PL1 has fallen since I bought mine and I could have picked one up for about the same price as the G1. And the E-PL1 offers great jpg processing and maybe the best high ISO performance in the world of micro four-thirds. So why didn't I get another one? Because the optional $259 VF-2 electronic viewfinder is a must with the E-PL1... I found I could barely even frame subjects with the E-PL1's rear LCD in bright sunlight. What's more, the E-PL1 with the VF-2 on board is bigger than the G1.

There are rumors about rangefinder-style micro four-thirds cameras with built-in viewfinders from both Panasonic and Olympus next year. If those cameras become reality, I may very well buy one. But because I have the G1 now, I won't have to wait for them in frustration and I can even wait for the prices to fall a bit after they come out.

Meanwhile, the G1 gets me back into micro four-thirds photography right now, with a top-notch viewfinder, at a friendly price. And I already have the fast, normal prime to go with it.

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